The Bike

I decided to see if I could cut my gasoline consumption in half by buying a bike and trailer. This way I can haul the kids around West Seattle for errands. So far, I have the trailer and a bike rack for my car. I’ve ordered a bike (Giant Suede DX) and hopefully I will have it next week. I just hope that I have anywhere near enough muscle in my legs to haul the kids up the hills to the PCC.

I’m very excited about my bike. It is Soooooo comfortable. I haven’t biked more than a block in almost 20 years. I bought a bike at a garage sale about 5 years ago but it was really painful to ride. My neck is just too messed up for me to be able to ride bent over. The Suede lets me ride sitting up and I really love that.

I know that I tend to have strong and fickle enthusiasms so I am really fighting the desire to spend a lot of money tricking out my bike, only to let it languish in the garage. I did invest in a lovely blue bike helmet though. I look quite fetching in it if I do say so myself.


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