A friend just lent me her copy of Wild Fermenting by Sandor Katz and I LOVE it. So I currently have some fruit scrap vinegar and sour dough starter simmering away upstairs. I am quite excited. As soon as I can acquire an organic pineapple I am going to try to make pinapple vinegar and then….. Cortido. My family and I adore Cortido and apparently the quicky version with apple cider vinegar is not the true way to make it. So I am going to ferment some, just as soon as I’ve finished fermenting the pineapple vinegar. I probaby won’t do it more than once, because pineapples don’t grow here. But after I know what it should taste like I’ll experiment with other, local, fruit vinegars and see what I like best.

I did have a plan for scrounging organic orange and lemon peels from my local organic juice bar for making more candied peel, maybe they would also gift me with their pineapple peels for making vinegar. I would just buy the fruit but no-one but me would eat it, and I wouldn’t eat very much of it, and it just seems silly to buy fruit for the peels.

I’m also looking forward to making tasty sourdough rye crackers and (hopefully) weaning my family off of the evil white flour crackers which seem to comprise the majority of their diet.  The problem is going to be making the crackers tasty enough that they’ll eat them, but not so tasty that they’ll eat nothing else.


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