Buying a truck to convert to electric

With gas prices being what they are, Kevin and I have decided to buy a small truck and convert it from gas to electric. So on Sunday Kevin and Harriet and I piled in to the car, stopped to drop Wilhelmina off with her grandparents, and drove down to Tacoma to purchase a 1996 Chevy S-10 pick-up. The truck’s body looks great, and the mechanic who’s doing our conversion says that all we need is a solid truck body and brakes that work. The person we bought the truck from promised that it ran well, so that was a bonus. It sure stunk of gasoline fumes though.

Harriet slept all the way to Tacoma and woke up when we arrived. After we bought the truck Harriet and I drove back to Seattle together, only she wasn’t very happy about being in the car at that point. Kevin got to drive back to Seattle wreathed in gasoline fumes. I’m not sure who had the better deal.

The truck passed the emissions check (which is absolutely amazing to me and explains a lot about why we have global warming) and the girls and I took the bus downtown on Tuesday to get a replacement parking permit. I think that I put ours in a good secure spot to keep it from getting lost and now I can’t find it. We had a good time on our trip. Harriet and Wilhelmina LOVE people so they chatted with people on the bus all the way downtown. We got gelato and a burrito at Pike Place Market and Wilhelmina and I looked at all the fish.

So next in the line-up is arranging financing for the conversion. Then we get in line with our mechanic and off we go!